RuMe BrandSuite Products are carefully matched to the ideal imprinting process for each item.

This highlights your customers' artwork and maximizes brand impressions + impact. 

VT | Vinyl TransferHeat-transfer vinyl is digitally printed with full-color, photo-quality artwork and precision machine cut before being pressed onto the product. Standard imprint area is 25 sq. inches
DS | Dye Sublimation Imprint process that uses heat to permanently transfer a photo quality imprint into the substrate of a variety of different materials, such as fabric, metal, wood, etc.
UV | UV Imprint UV-inked designs are printed directly on the product's surface and cured with ultra-violet lights to dry and set the special ink. There are a wide selection of ink colors and applications available 
LE | Laser EngravingLasers create intense heat used to remove the surface material of the product and expose the intended design to the eye and touch
EMBR | EmbroideryDigitized full-color images are precisely stitched into apparel and other soft surfaces for long lasting and high quality imprints. Pricing for embroidery-indicated products includes up to 5K stitch-count designs
EMBO | Emboss/ Deboss Designs are built into an embossing plate before being permanently impressed into the product's surface
SP | Screen PrintingInk is forced through a prepared screen directly onto the product's surface to create a design
AP | Applique Commercial-grade adhesive decal printed full color, edge to edge to create a branding surface on difficult-to-imprint substrates
PP | Pad PrintingA silicone pad is pressed into a 2D plate and is inked with the design before being pressed onto the 3D surface of the intended product
CU | Custom USA/OverseasEndless customization options include custom patterns/PMS match fabric, custom packaging, product ideation, social media integration, feature addition and more